ABC Hand-drawn Alphabet Monogram Drop Caps
My ABC Project began as a personal project to explore the alphabet and historical letterforms. I hand-draw the alphabet in order from A to Z, choosing different letter styles based on historical books and fonts to use as inspiration and a place to start the drawing. Some letters are recreated very similar to the source, where others differ more significantly. All letters are hand-drawn in black ink on 5”x7” or 6”x9” paper. In addition, 36 Days of Type is an Instagram challenge (@36daysoftype) that comes around once a year, where to participate you create a letter or number for 36 days straight and post them on Instagram to share in the community. I have participated in several bouts of this challenge while also doing my own alphabet cycles as well, growing to my collection of monogram drop caps. This is an ongoing project, so follow me on Instagram at @abctypography for the most recent images of my work.
Detail of letter A hand-drawn lettering illustration
Full A-Z for my 1st series of hand-drawn lettering illustrations
Animated gif for series 2, showing all letters A-Z
Full A-Z for the 3rd series of hand-drawn letter illustrations (including numbers 0-9 as well)
Animated gif for series 4, showing all letters A-Z
Detail of an N hand-drawn lettering drawing
Detail of an S hand-drawn letter drawing
Detail of a Z hand-drawn letter drawing
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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