Front of all three invitations (single-sided version)
Coming Soon Baby Shower Invites! This series of customizable baby shower invites were created to bring a fun illustrative mood to announcing baby's arrival and invite guests to a baby shower with all the fanfare of a blockbuster movie. Features movie-marquee style text, color schemes for girl, boy, or gender-neutral, and space to customize each with the baby's name and the shower details. Originally started as an actual invite for a friend's baby shower, this variation was created to bring the design to all. Design can be either single-sided or double-sided and can be purchased for customization from the Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop.
Front and backs of all three styles of baby shower invitations (2 sided version)
Detail of the girl baby shower invitation
Detail of the boy baby shower invitation
Front and back of the gender-neutral baby shower invitation.
Front of the gender-neutral baby shower invitation (single-sided)
If you'd like to have these customized for a baby shower near you, please visit my Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop.
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