Finished colored drawing
This drawing was done as a custom keepsake for a bachelorette party weekend. The piece is all hand-drawn, starting with pencil, then inked, and then colored by hand with colored pencils. All of the text commemorates the foods and events that occurred during that weekend. The final piece was framed as a keepsake for the bride, with digital print postcards provided for the rest of the girls that participated in the weekend. A perfect gift for a bride to remember a great weekend with the girls!
Initial pencil sketch
Inking in process...
Inking pretty much done here!
Inking done, coloring in progress!
Finished drawing, scanned into the computer
printed postcards ready to cut apart and hand out to the other attendees of the bachelorette party for their own keepsake!
Finished drawing, framed... this is the actual drawing, ready to deliver to the bride-to-be!
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