After traveling to a new place, I enjoy creating a travelogue drawing, a sort of visual diary showing all of the fun things I did and all the amazing things I saw and ate/drank. Here are some recent travel drawings, all hand-drawn in pencil and then inked. This is a personal project that I've done just for fun as a way to remember my vacations and trips, but I am open to commissions for this type of work if you'd like a commemorative piece for your own memorable vacation, wedding or bachelor/bachelorette trip, or honeymoon!
Turin inking in process, with completed Venice and Florence in the background
Turin, inking in process
Venice inking in process
Florence inking in process
Florence inking mostly done, just filling in the letters...
Detail of Venice
Completed Italy series, with Venice, Florence, and Turin.
Scanned in image of Amsterdam drawing
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