Final image.
Happily Ever After Illustration and Print
Happily Ever After illustration and print was created as a fun and sentimental way to commemorate a lovely couple who married in June 2013. This drawing was started on pencil and paper, then perfected and inked, then scanned into the computer and vectorized to get sharp shapes suitable for printing. Finally, I created hand-made textures using pencils, charcoals, and ink to add dimension--these were scanned in and added to the illustration in Photoshop to yield the finished piece. The final piece, colored in a turquoise and lemon yellow to match the wedding colors, was presented to the bride and groom for their big day.
In process shots of drawings and lettering samples with final print.
In process drawing and vector images, before final texture was added.
Final framed print of illustration.
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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