Hello Sunshine is a hand-drawn lettering art print. The piece was started by hand, sketching in pencil and finalizing an ink drawing. The ink drawing was then scanned into the computer and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator, and finished in Photoshop. The textures added are a combination of hand-drawn textures that were scanned into the computer, and digital painted textures. The final piece was printed on high-quality watercolor paper as an 8"x10" print and is available for sale on the Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop at www.paperheartdispatch.etsy.com.
Finished framed print
initial inked drawing that was then scanned into the computer
Initial vectorized image, before all final color and textures have been added.
One example of a hand-made pencil texture that was applied to the final piece in Photoshop (combined with digital painted textures)
final digital image, ready for printing!
Final print, printed on high-quality watercolor paper to create more subtle colors and a soft texture
detail of art print
detail of art print
Thanks for checking out my art! An appreciation of the project is appreciated! :o)
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