How Much Wood Woodchuck cut paper tunnel book

Handmade cut-paper and paper crafted tunnel book

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck is a tunnel book project that riffs off of a well-known tongue twister and plays with hand-created lettering, cut paper shapes, and dimension. This book was created as a personal project and contained 5 different layers, including the front, three interior pages, and the back, attached together using an accordian fold. All items and letters were made from cut paper and hand-drawn details, with a pre-printed forest backdrop.
Final tunnel book
Detail of tunnel book
Angled shot of tunnel book on table with dramatic lighting to increase shadows
Angled shot of tunnel book hung on wall
Detail of tunnel book
Detail of tunnel book
Detail of tunnel book
Another complete frontal shot of the tunnel book with dramatic lighting to heighten the shadows
Pencil sketches of layout ideas and lettering
In progress, cutting the paper and assembling the pages per my final sketch
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