Fly high whale and fish detail.
Cute animal kid’s shirt designs and greeting cards
Drawing cute animals is one of my favorite pastimes, so this series of kid’s t-shirt designs and greeting cards had “fun” written all over it. I started out with some hand-drawn pencil sketches, deciding what animals I wanted to draw and what I wanted them to be doing (I have to admit I was giggling over some of my ideas). Then I hand-inked elements on paper and scanned them into the computer to vectorize, combine, clean-up, and add color in Adobe Illustrator.

And what cute little items they turned out to be! I was so happy with the t-shirt designs that I took the same drawings and brought them into a greeting card angle, hand-lettering new text to align with greeting card occasions. I also illustrated a few other cute characters for greeting cards to add to the collection. In the end, I came up with 5 t-shirts and 9 greeting cards, with plans to add more to the collection.
Sketches and inked images for kid's t-shirts and greeting cards
Kid's t-shirt designs with cute animals!
Stylin' lion detail.
Final greeting cards based on the same illustrations on the kid's t-shirts. The text was altered and background removed to make them suitable for a greeting card.
From sketches to final vector image to greeting card for a cute little giraffe
From sketches and inking to vector to final mock-up and patterns for baby clothes for a lucky cat!
From sketch to vector to final greeting card for Owl always love you card
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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