Final printed card
Later Tater is a hand-illustrated and hand-lettered piece that was drawn to be a goodbye greeting card, and art print, and tote bag. Aiming for a bit of humor, I drew a fun illustration, then wanted to add some hand-created textures on it to get a potato-y feel for the skin. This greeting card is for sale in the Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop and is one of the top sellers.
Initial ink drawing, crayon and pencil textures, and watercolor/ink textures. These were scanned into the computer and added onto the initial illustration in Photoshop to give the potato a rougher, potato-y feel.
Finished vector image, before textures were added.
Final printed card and envelope
Later Tater as a print--perfect to go by the front door!
Design on a tote bag! Great for groceries!
All for sale at the Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop:

Thanks for looking!
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