Final digital image
Practice Makes Better Hand-drawn Lettering Illustration
A refrain I’m always telling myself, the more you practice the better you get (even if you’ll never be perfect, because no one is!). This hand-drawn lettering piece started as a pencil sketch, was refined in ink on paper, then was scanned in and vectorized. In Adobe Illustrator, I refined the shapes and letters and added color. Now I have a print I can hang up to remind myself: there’s always room for improvement, so keep on practicing!
Process pics, with initial thumbs and letter studies, pencil sketch, and inked letters and detailing ready to be scanned in.
Inked letters and inked detailing to go inside letters--to be refined and combined on the computer.
Fine art print, ready to be hung up on the wall as a reminder!
Detail of fine art print on linen-textured paper
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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