Squeaky Clean soap packaging, front view.
Squeaky Clean Soap Packaging featuring Hand-drawn Lettering
Squeaky Clean Soap needed a vintage-inspired packaging to highlight nostalgia and a cheeky sense of humor that included hand-drawn lettering and illustration. Vintage packaging inspiration and mood board was the starting place, with elements drawn from older packaging that spoke to Squeaky Clean’s brand. Several hand-drawn sketches were created of possible directions, and then the chosen sketch was hand-drawn and hand-lettered and inked on paper. A custom hand-drawn pattern was also created to use as an interior wrap for the soap within the sleeve. All the hand-drawn elements were scanned in and vectorized, and colorized using blues and greens to evoke a clean and squeaky mood. The final sleeve was printed on a recycled, lightly speckled beige stock to hearken back to the old vintage packaging we drew inspiration from. This project was definitely a fun way to keep my cheeks clean.
Array of sketches...
The entire development process including initial ideas/brainstorming, vintage inspiration and notes, thumbnails, and final refined sketch before inking.
Inked pieces, and final vectorized label and patterned wrap sheet.
Details of soap packaging.
Detail of soap packaging, unwrapped.
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