& They Lived Happily Ever After is a hand-lettered piece that was created and designed to celebrate a wonderful couple for their wedding in June 2014 and matches their wedding colors. This piece began with lots of paper sketches, then was finalized and inked, and finally was brought onto the computer to vectorize the image and add texture and color. The textures added are a combination of hand-drawn textures that were scanned into the computer, and digital painted textures. The final piece was printed on high-quality watercolor paper as an 8"x10" print and given to the couple as a gift, and is also available for sale on the Paper Heart Dispatch Etsy shop at www.paperheartdispatch.etsy.com.
Original ink drawing, inked on paper by hand
Vectorized drawing with initial colors and drop shadows added... texture in Photoshop is next!
Final digital piece, showing textures (both hand-drawn and digitally painted) and final colors completed in Photoshop
Final printed piece. The print is printed on thick watercolor paper to add a slight texture and which mutes the colors to make it more subtle and sophisticated.
detail of printed piece
detail of printed piece
Thanks for checking out my art! An appreciation of the project is appreciated! :o)
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