Final colored and digitized image!
What's Yer Number, Cucumber? is a hand-drawn lettering piece that was started as part of an illustrated lettering workshop with Gemma O'Brien at Letter West in August 2017. I love rhyming sayings, and liked the idea of being able to draw a fun cucumber character. I started the piece in pencil on paper, then moved the different parts to tracing paper using pencil and ink. Once I had the elements planned out, I layered the pieces of tracing paper to plan my composition, then re-drew it over again on tracing paper. This was then brought onto the computer, digitized, and the composition was re-thought. The final digital image was colored, and now we see it today!
The finished first trace version. You can see other parts that I created on smaller pieces, layered and moved around, then re-traced this version over.
Final digital version, first composition... I decided to reorganize it after this...
Final black and white composition... the text has been situated more in the center of this final composition.
And here is the final image, all colored in.
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