Final colored and digitized image!
What's Yer Number Cucumber Hand-drawn Lettering Illustration
This project started as a way to combine hand-drawn lettering and illustrated graphics into one composition. I liked the rhyming aspect of the phrase, so I hand-drew some preliminary pencil sketches for inspiration, moved to a larger-sized pencil sketch on paper, and then inked the composition and elements using tracing paper. I kept many of the elements separate on the tracing paper so that I could overlap and move them around when I took them onto the computer. I wanted the image to be a bit playful and not serious, so chose the “yer” for your in the text, and made the cucumber into a character that was winking. I scanned in the tracing paper inked version and pieces and made further refinements in Adobe Illustrator, specifically in altering the scale of the illustrated items so that the lettering and cucumber-seeded shadow could take more the center stage. Then I added color, finished up the composition, and featured the illustration on a greeting card and print. Cool as a cucumber!
From initial sketches, to inked pieces, to vectorizing and perfecting the composition in Adobe Illustrator...
Final vectorized image, all ready to go!
On a greeting card!
On a print!
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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