Whiskey Makes Me Frisky Hand-drawn Letting Art Print Illustration
Whiskey and rhymes are two of my favorite things, so this hand-lettered illustration seemed a perfect project for me! Inspired by LetterShoppe’s Lettering Adventures lettering zines, I used one of Dina Rodriguez’s letter styles as a starting place for the shapes of the letters. I started with some thumbnail sketches, chose my composition, and then hand-drew the lettering and composition in pencil on a larger page. From that refined pencil sketch, I inked elements on paper and scanned in the illustration to do further refinements and adjustments to the composition on the computer. I vectorized and colorized the drawing and spent a long time tweaking letter shapes and scale until the final composition was found! And because I like whiskey, I made a print to hang up and feature the illustration in my house. Now, on that note, where’s my glass?
Sketches, from thumbs to pencil refinement, to inked art, to vector editing
Final print framed on my desk, and detail of print
Thanks for checking out my work! ;o)
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